Shubha harati


  • The First Party has agreed to provide the necessary documents such as Demand Letter, Power of Attorney Service Agreement and Employment Contract to the Second Party.
  • The First Party shall be responsible to guarantee the fulfillment of all the conditions agreed upon the employee regarding salary, accommodation and other conditions as stated in the demand letter and to make sure that line


  • The Second Party agrees to mobilize the required number of manpower for the First Party.
  • The Second Party agrees to explain the real facts such as the employment terms and conditions, job nature, salary, accommodation etc to the worker at the time of the interview or before departure.
  • The Second Party agrees to provide the specified workers for the required jobs on time.
  • The Second Party agrees to arrange all the test requirements according to the First Party’s order for selecting unskilled, skilled and Professional workers.


  • Both the party agreed to co-operate each other in fulfilling the demands on mutual benefits.
  • This agreement is valid only from ……...…………until …......…….….(one year)

Both the parties hereto have discussed all the above terms and conditions in details and agreed to all terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement and put their signature in two identical original, on to be kept by each party.

The First Party The Second Party
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Shubha Harati Manpower Pvt. Ltd.

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