Shubha harati


I the undersigned Mr G.S. Pradhan in my capacity as a Chief Executive officer having address Kathmandu, Nepal, PO Box: 9341 do hereby appoint M/S Shubha Harati Manpower Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal, P.O. Box: 9341, to be our true and lawful attorney agent in Nepal in respect of handling all affairs concerning recruitment of Nepalese Workface to perform the following act on our behalf.
We also authorize our agent to handle all recruitment formalities such as registration of the demand with the department of labour to get permission and clearance, from the same department after payment of the necessary fee, etc. If any, and to sign all the necessary documents required for the purpose of recruitment and passage of the required personnel and arrange their passports, professional test, health examination to sign the employment contract and to arrange their travel documents.


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